Competition Winners

The results of our first short story competition, Misrepresentation, are:


Situs Inversus by Ilana Lindsey

What the judge said: Nice off-kilter feel to this from the start … It has a really surreal and quite dreamy atmosphere while at the same time being quite sinister. A great, dark tale and a fantastic take on the theme.

Read the story here.

Runner up

Making Hay by Dr Elizabeth Allen

What the judge said: Great intrigue set up right from the offset about who the narrator is and what she’s up to, why she’s deflecting attention from her own authenticity by questioning the writers she’s watching at the literary festival. Great poke at the literary pretensions, and commercial bias, of the publishing industry too and an empowering ending that left me wanting to know more.

Read the story here

Congratulations to Ilana and Elizabeth, who win Gold and Silver Author Memberships of Retreat West, respectively.

All the shortlisted authors will receive Amanda’s feedback by email:

Careless Whispers by Bob Shepherd

Cobwebs with Rabid Owl Strangler by Julia Wood

Jimmy the Gent Goes Viral by Stephen Gardner

Miss Representation by Sue Dawson

Out of Luck by Carole Segal

The Body in the Beach Hut by Pam Corsie

The Capture of the Bunkum Beast by Lorna Flanagan

This Won’t Last by Jill Fricker

Amanda Saint is the author of two novels, As If I Were A River (2016), and Remember Tomorrow (2019). Her short stories have been long and shortlisted for, or won, various prizes, and been widely published in literary journals and anthologies. She started Retreat West in 2012 and expanded to include Retreat West Books in 2017. Amanda also works closely with Jericho Writers and designed and delivers the Ultimate Novel Writing Course in conjunction with them. Amanda is a member of the Society of Authors, a mentor on the WoMentoring Project and can often be found teaching and judging competitions at literary festivals.

This is Michael Loveday’s final shortlist of 20 for the Flash Fiction Five/Twenty-nine competition

Winners and all the authors’ names will be revealed on Tuesday.

  • Basing Major Life Choices on a Throwaway Comment from a Cobbler
  • Beetlejar
  • Climbing Suilven
  • Collecting the Dead
  • Dark Places
  • Day After Day After Day
  • Field Trip
  • Four Things Lost, One Rediscovered
  • Ghost
  • How to Keep Breathing
  • Learning to Love my Rural Life
  • Let’s Talk about United
  • Ornithilogica Corvidae
  • Past Life
  • Ripening
  • Souls
  • Tempting the Evil Eye
  • Terminal
  • The Grocery List
  • Zephyrus