Flash Fiction - Five/Twenty-nine Competition

The winner(s) have now been announced!

 First prize: Gold Flash Fiction Membership of Retreat West (worth £200) or £100 cash alternative

Runner up: Silver Flash Fiction Membership of Retreat West (worth £100) or £50 cash alternative

FIVE stories, each with a maximum of 29 words (maximum 145 words total).

The stories, which can be on any theme, should work together as a collection or sequence, and will be judged on that basis.

Judge, Michael Loveday’s flash fiction novella, Three Men on the Edge, was published by V. Press (2018) and was shortlisted for the 2019 Saboteur Award for Best Novella. His writing has appeared in The Spectator; Flash: the International Short-Short Story Magazine; Funny Bone: Flashing for Comic Relief; and National Flash Fiction Day Anthologies in 2017 & 2019. He teaches an online workshop in writing a novella-in-flash sequence: https://novella-in-flash.com/ and is a Director of the National Association of Writers in Education.  

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Follow Michael on Twitter: @pagechatter

More about Retreat West: http://retreatwest.co.uk

Michael Loveday has now announced the winner(s). The authors and titles of winning and highly commended entries can be seen here as well as the final shortlist of 20.

5/29 flash fiction longlist

The longlisted entries in this competition are (in alphabetical order by title):

  • A Hopscotchy Life
  • Basing Major Life Choices on a Throwaway Comment from a Cobbler
  • Beetlejar
  • Climbing Suilven
  • Collecting the Dead
  • Dark Places
  • Day After Day After Day
  • Field Trip
  • For Love of a Minotaur
  • Four Things Lost, One Rediscovered
  • Ghost
  • How to Keep Breathing
  • Learning to Love my Rural Life
  • Let’s Talk about United
  • Oh That’s a Shame
  • Ornithilogica Corvidae
  • Past Life
  • Petra’s House: the Creative Writing Class
  • Ripening
  • See-Saws
  • Souls
  • Tempting the Evil Eye
  • Terminal
  • The Grocery List
  • The Ring
  • The Square Root of Six
  • The Sway of Her Belly
  • Two Lovely Berries Moulded on one Stem
  • Zephyrus

Congratulations to everyone on the list! The  winners will be announced on Tuesday 7 July.